Playing tennis, especially if you are a beginner can be extremely confusing and energy consuming. But whatever it is, you’ll be happy to know that the sport that you’ve chosen will help you gain a lot of skills that would most likely help you in your day to day life while also helping you stay in shape.

Did you know, playing an hour of tennis will burn nearly 500 calories? You won’t just get a leg workout, but instead, you’ll be playing a sport that pushes your body to the limit.

Here are some pointers that will guide you to be a better tennis player.

1. The importance of warming up

Before starting to play, it is essential to warm up as it helps prepare the upper body as well as the lower body for intense movement and powerful movements. A proper workout also helps prevent injuries. So make sure to have a warm-up session that lasts for 10-15 minutes right before you enter the court.

2. Mind your grip

What most amateur tennis players do not realise is the importance of a proper grip. They’d hold the racket in a way that feels right to them. But what they do not know is that this opens them to the risk of wrist injuries as they play. Hence, it is important to ask for advice from a good tennis coach or an experienced player in how you can improve your grip.

3. Tennis footwear

It is crucial to invest in a pair of tennis shoes that help you improve your stability as well as support your ankle while running and stopping. These tennis shoes will also improve your balance while moving vigorously. If you do not wear appropriate footwear, you’ll be prone to injury.

4. Work on your serve

While serving, make sure to hold the ball at the tip of your fingertips using your non-dominant hand. The leading foot must point to the baseline diagonally while the back foot must be parallel to the baseline. After tossing the ball, extend your tossing arm as much as it goes while placing the racket behind your head. While looking at the ball, make sure to bend your knees, twist your core and tip your shoulders.

5. Footwork

In order to attain proper balance, it is vital to maintaining footwork while executing your strokes. Make a note of your knees and foot. You must never have your feet planted on the ground. If you plan on bettering your game, the work you put in on your footwork must be your highest priority.